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It will be a BIG fight to stop FRACKING going ahead and Frack Free Sussex needs ALL OF YOU!


The UK government is to open up thousands of square miles to drilling for shale gas reserves, potentially leading to hundreds of rigs dotting the countryside. About 32,000 square miles are believed to have potential for shale development, with the biggest concentrations of wells expected to be in Lancashire and the Sussex Weald. 

From the Sunday Times article: The process will begin on Tuesday (17th Dec 2013) when Michael Fallon, the energy minister, unveils a report detailing the environmental and social impact of fracking, the controversial process that frees gas by blasting rock formations with jets of water and chemicals. The government is also considering changes to fast-track the creation of hundreds of fracking sites by changing the system for awarding licences to companies that want to drill for gas and oil. Shale regions would be divided into boxes as small as a few hundred acres, each with its own licence giving companies the right to prospect. Fallon is also expected to spell out some of the disruption likely to be experienced by residents, including up to 48 lorries a day arriving at fracking sites — known as gas pads — for up to two years while they are being built. Often the traffic will have to travel along winding lanes; in some cases new roads could be required. 

The government is expected to conclude that the risks of despoiling the countryside and polluting water supplies are not enough to outweigh the benefits of fracking. Supporters of shale gas believe it has the potential to supply Britain’s energy needs for decades and bring down household bills. Ministers have already said communities can expect to receive £100,000 in compensation for each well dug in their area in addition to 10% of the turnover they generate. Fallon, who has warned that residents “right across the south” should be ready for possible fracking, is expected to say that the area of the country covered by licences could be increased substantially from the current 7,300 square miles. About 32,000 square miles are believed to have potential for shale development, with the biggest concentrations of wells expected to be in Lancashire and the Sussex Weald. One shale oil drilling site - in Balcombe, West Sussex - has already been the focus for angry protests. Not even national parks or areas of outstanding natural beauty will be exempt from potential drilling. Lawrence Carter, energy campaigner at Greenpeace UK, said: “Local environmental impacts from fracking are likely to be considerable, whether you’re talking about truck movements, water use or flaring. “Residents in villages where fracking is proposed live there because the areas are tranquil and clean. They will be neither if fracking is allowed.” 

The environmental report to be released this week, drawn up by the consultancy Amec, will be open to consultation for >>>>> 12 WEEKS <<<<< before the government announces early next year how it plans to award the licences. At present, companies are given licences to prospect across broad regions. Cuadrilla Resources, the drilling firm that claims to have found nearly six decades’ worth of domestic supplies under Lancashire, won a single licence covering 1,200 sq km (463 square miles) of the region when the government last held an auction in 2008. Its licence area in the southeast is spread over 800 sq km. The fast-track process under consideration to replace this would mean that the maximum block of land covered by one licence could be as small as 10 sq km, according to Whitehall sources. 

The change is designed to prevent a single company from scooping up too many of the most attractive areas and to speed up development. When companies are awarded licences they commit themselves to drilling a certain number of wells within six years. If they fail to comply, the licences are surrendered back to the government. By increasing the number of licensed zones — with drilling obligations — the companies will be forced to drill or lose their rights. George Osborne, the chancellor, has said shale gas could bring “thousands of jobs, billions of pounds of business investment, and lower energy bills”. However, Amec is understood to have played down the potential for large-scale job creation. Rather than the 74,000 jobs initially hoped for, it is expected to estimate that between 15,900 and 24,300 will be created. Beauty spot drilling bid: The fracking industry faces the threat of new protests after submitting an application for 24-hour drilling in the South Downs national park, writes Jon Ungoed-Thomas. 

Celtique Energie has submitted the proposal for an exploratory site to be sunk next year in Fernhurst, West Sussex, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Lord Cowdray, who owns a 16,500-acre estate in the South Downs, is among locals opposing the drilling site. He has registered his ownership of the verges adjacent to the site, which could block access for lorries. He has also said he will legally challenge any attempt to frack oil or gas from his land. Marcus Adams, founder of Frack Free Fernhurst, said: “If they get approval to drill here, then nowhere is safe.” He said the company would risk facing similar protests to those seen at an exploratory drilling site at Balcombe, West Sussex, where more than 1,000 protesters set up camp in the summer. Andrew Tyrie, the Conservative MP for Chichester, whose constituency covers Fernhurst, has said it would be “very unlikely” he would support drilling in such a sensitive area. — at South Downs National Park.

Thursday, 5 December 2013


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Now THIS is what I call the Shale Rush! Just take a deep breath and check out the amount of PEDL licenses (Petroleum Exploration & Development Licenses) that have been granted by DECC to August 2013. These are listed by constituency. Copied and pasted from a House of Commons report... when this lot have planning apps approved, just how much of the UK would be left unfracked?

Onshore licences located within parliamentary constituencies, by constituency, as at August 2013
Constituency% of constituency covered by licence blockLicence OperatorRound awarded underLicenceAS
Aberavon28.5%UK METHANE0PEDL149
Aberavon28.7%UK METHANE13PEDL215
Airdrie and Shotts47.5%REACH13PEDL162
Altrincham and Sale West25.0%IGAS13PEDL193
Alyn and Deeside1.0%BIOGAS0EXL203
Alyn and Deeside5.6%DART13PEDL187
Alyn and Deeside11.2%IGAS13PEDL184
Alyn and Deeside34.6%DART12PEDL147
Amber Valley42.4%LOW13PEDL199
Arundel and South Downs0.0%IGAS0PL240
Arundel and South Downs0.7%KEY0PL241
Arundel and South Downs2.8%IGAS0PL205
Arundel and South Downs3.3%CELTIQUE13PEDL243
Arundel and South Downs3.3%CUADRILLA13PEDL244
Arundel and South Downs6.3%CELTIQUE13PEDL232
Arundel and South Downs10.5%IGAS13PEDL233
Arundel and South Downs17.4%CELTIQUE13PEDL234
Kings MillAshfield0.4%C.E.0C.E.
Ashfield9.3%DART0EXL290 Area 2
Barnsley Central1.1%ALKANE9PEDL037
Monk BrettonBarnsley Central1.9%ALKANE9PEDL037
MoncktonBarnsley East0.1%ALKANE9PEDL037
MoncktonBarnsley East0.5%ALKANE9PEDL037
Monk BrettonBarnsley East1.2%ALKANE9PEDL011
Barnsley East1.2%ALKANE9PEDL011
WelbeckBassetlaw0.2%SCOTTISH0PL162 Area Bassetlaw0.4%IGAS0PL178
Bassetlaw0.6%COURAGE9PEDL090 Area 1
Area 2Bassetlaw2.6%IGAS0ML004
Area 1Bassetlaw6.9%DART9PEDL012
Bassetlaw7.2%IGAS9PEDL006 Area 1Bassetlaw9.4%DART12PEDL139
Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk0.0%DART12PEDL159
Beverley and Holderness0.2%DART13PEDL176
Beverley and Holderness85.8%RATHLIN13PEDL183
Bexhill and Battle4.7%CUADRILLA13PEDL247Birkenhead28.1%IGAS13PEDL184Blackpool North and Cleveleys97.4%BOWLAND13PEDL165Blackpool South89.2%BOWLAND13PEDL165Bognor Regis and Littlehampton0.1%KEY0PL241Bognor Regis and Littlehampton47.4%CELTIQUE13PEDL232Bolsover0.0%LOW13PEDL199Bolsover0.1%ALKANE9PEDL001 MarkhamBolsover0.4%ALKANE9PEDL001 ShirebrookBolsover0.4%ALKANE9PEDL001 WhitwellBolsover0.4%ALKANE9PEDL001 BolsoverBolsover1.0%ALKANE0PL213Bolsover8.9%C.E.0C.E.Bolton West2.1%BOWLAND13PEDL165
Onshore licences located within parliamentary constituencies, by constituency, as at August 2013Constituency% of constituency covered by licence blockLicence OperatorRound awarded underLicence ASBootle2.7%EDP13PEDL164Bournemouth East0.2%PERENCO0PL259Bournemouth East98.3%NWE13PEDL238Bournemouth West5.9%PERENCO0PL259Bournemouth West94.0%NWE13PEDL238Brecon and Radnorshire0.1%UK METHANE0PEDL148Brecon and Radnorshire0.2%ADAMO13PEDL212Bridgend11.2%COASTAL13PEDL217Bridgend38.6%COASTAL13PEDL216Bridgend47.0%ADAMO9PEDL100Brigg and Goole0.0%SCOTTISH0PL161 Area 3Brigg and Goole0.4%EUROPA0DL001Brigg and Goole0.6%BLACKLAND PARK13PEDL209Brigg and Goole2.6%EGDON13PEDL241Brigg and Goole3.0%EUROPA13PEDL180Brigg and Goole3.9%DART12PEDL140Brigg and Goole5.2%DART13PEDL179Brigg and Goole5.6%EGDON13PEDL182Brigg and Goole6.2%DART0PL162 Area 1Brigg and Goole7.6%DART13PEDL173Brigg and Goole8.0%DART13PEDL178Brigg and Goole10.5%DART13PEDL174Brigg and Goole10.9%SCOTTISH0PL162 Area 2Brigg and Goole18.6%EUROPA13PEDL181Bristol East17.2%UK METHANE13PEDL228Bristol North West0.0%SONOREX13PEDL224Bristol South11.8%UK METHANE13PEDL228Bristol South46.8%UK METHANE13PEDL226Bromley and Chislehurst53.0%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Broxtowe56.5%LOW13PEDL199Burton2.0%DART13PEDL198Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross1.8%CAITHNESS12PEDL158Canterbury3.6%COASTAL13PEDL249Canterbury13.8%COASTAL13PEDL250Cardiff West3.4%COASTAL13PEDL219Cardiff West18.6%COASTAL13PEDL220Carlisle3.8%DART12PEDL159Carmarthen East and Dinefwr0.0%ADAMO13PEDL212Carmarthen East and Dinefwr0.2%DART13PEDL211Carshalton and Wallington99.1%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Charnwood0.6%EGDON13PEDL201Chesterfield1.7%ALKANE9PEDL001 MarkhamChesterfield5.5%ALKANE0PL213Chichester0.1%KEY0PL241Chichester0.5%IGAS0PL211Chichester3.4%IGAS13PEDL233Chichester3.4%IGAS13PEDL235Chichester3.6%CELTIQUE13PEDL232Chichester4.2%IGAS0PL240Chichester4.4%NORTHERN12PEDL155Chichester12.3%CELTIQUE13PEDL234Chichester12.4%NORTHERN11PEDL126Chichester19.9%CELTIQUE13PEDL231Chorley50.3%BOWLAND13PEDL165Christchurch54.4%NWE13PEDL238City of Chester4.0%IGAS13PEDL190City of Chester4.7%DART13PEDL187City of Chester8.3%DART13PEDL188City of Chester24.9%IGAS13PEDL184City of Chester25.9%DART12PEDL147City of Chester32.2%DART13PEDL189Cleethorpes0.4%EGDON13PEDL241Cleethorpes78.5%EUROPA13PEDL181Clwyd South1.0%DART13PEDL187Clwyd South10.2%DART13PEDL185Clwyd South13.9%DART13PEDL186Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill28.0%REACH13PEDL162
Onshore licences located within parliamentary constituencies, by constituency, as at August 2013Constituency% of constituency covered by licence blockLicence OperatorRound awarded underLicence ASCongleton30.0%CELTIQUE13PEDL197Crawley1.9%MAGELLAN13PEDL246Crawley3.1%CUADRILLA13PEDL247Crawley20.2%MAGELLAN12PEDL137Crawley74.8%CELTIQUE13PEDL243Crewe and Nantwich0.3%IGAS9PEDL040 RestCroydon Central100.0%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Croydon North85.4%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Croydon South62.6%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East69.8%REACH13PEDL162Cynon Valley1.1%UK GAS9PEDL014 TowerCynon Valley1.7%ADAMO13PEDL218Dartford5.0%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Delyn6.4%IGAS10PEDL107Delyn18.0%IGAS13PEDL184Don Valley0.0%DART12PEDL140Don Valley0.5%DART0EXL288 Area 3Don Valley1.7%DART0EXL288 Area 2Don Valley2.5%DART13PEDL173Don Valley4.9%SCOTTISH0PL162 Area 2Don Valley5.5%DART13PEDL174Don Valley11.4%ALKANE13PEDL169Don Valley14.1%SCOTTISH0PL161 Area 3Don Valley17.6%ALKANE9PEDL043Don Valley21.9%DART12PEDL139Doncaster Central4.1%SCOTTISH0PL161 Area 3Doncaster Central4.9%ALKANE0EXL288 Area 1 TrumfleetDoncaster Central52.9%ALKANE13PEDL169Doncaster North0.0%ALKANE9PEDL011Doncaster North0.0%ALKANE9PEDL011Doncaster North0.1%ALKANE9PEDL011Doncaster North0.1%ALKANE9PEDL043Doncaster North0.3%DART0EXL288 Area 3Doncaster North0.4%ALKANE9PEDL011Doncaster North0.5%ALKANE13PEDL169Doncaster North2.6%DART0EXL288 Area 2Doncaster North3.2%DART0EXL288 Area 1 FenwickDoncaster North3.8%DART0EXL288 Area 1 RestDoncaster North3.9%ALKANE0EXL288 Area 1 TrumfleetDoncaster North6.5%DART13PEDL174Doncaster North6.9%ALKANE0PL161 Area 2Doncaster North7.8%DART0EXL288 Area 1 RestDover11.0%COASTAL13PEDL250Dover20.1%COASTAL13PEDL252Dover29.5%COASTAL13PEDL251Dover34.6%COASTAL13PEDL249Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale2.4%DART12PEDL159Dunfermline and West Fife20.7%DART9PEDL133Dunfermline and West Fife30.7%DART13PEDL163East Dunbartonshire35.2%REACH13PEDL162East Hampshire0.5%NORTHERN11PEDL126East Hampshire5.7%HUMBLY GROVE GAS STORAGE0PL116East Hampshire51.9%CELTIQUE13PEDL231East Surrey1.5%CUADRILLA0EXL189 LingfieldEast Surrey1.9%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245East Surrey2.9%CUADRILLA0EXL189 CowdenEast Surrey4.4%MAGELLAN12PEDL137East Surrey4.9%IGAS0ML018East Surrey6.0%CUADRILLA13PEDL247East Surrey7.2%IGAS0ML021East Surrey12.5%CUADRILLA0PL055East Surrey14.4%IGAS0PL182East Surrey16.4%MAGELLAN13PEDL246
Onshore licences located within parliamentary constituencies, by constituency, as at August 2013Constituency% of constituency covered by licence blockLicence OperatorRound awarded underLicence ASEast Yorkshire0.3%CAYTHORPE0PL234East Yorkshire1.1%VIKING0PL081East Yorkshire3.1%RATHLIN13PEDL183East Yorkshire10.5%DART13PEDL176Eddisbury0.0%DART13PEDL187Eddisbury2.0%IGAS13PEDL190Eddisbury5.6%DART13PEDL185Eddisbury7.3%DART13PEDL189Eddisbury11.1%DART13PEDL188Ellesmere Port and Neston0.0%ALKANE13PEDL191Ellesmere Port and Neston3.7%DART13PEDL189Ellesmere Port and Neston39.2%IGAS13PEDL190Ellesmere Port and Neston50.5%IGAS13PEDL184Elmet and Rothwell0.0%ALKANE9PEDL037 WheldaleElmet and Rothwell0.1%ALKANE9PEDL037 NewmarketElmet and Rothwell0.4%ALKANE9PEDL037 AckworthEpsom and Ewell39.8%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Erewash19.4%LOW13PEDL199Falkirk27.0%REACH13PEDL162Falkirk53.4%DART9PEDL133Fareham5.3%NORTHERN0PEDL256Folkestone and Hythe3.6%COASTAL13PEDL249Fylde8.7%CUADRILLA0EXL269 Area 1Fylde18.1%CUADRILLA0EXL269 Area 2Fylde71.8%BOWLAND13PEDL165Gainsborough0.0%IGAS0PL199 Area 1Gainsborough0.1%IGAS9PEDL006 Area 1Gainsborough0.1%EUROPA12PEDL150 Area 1Gainsborough0.2%DART12PEDL140Gainsborough0.3%EUROPA13PEDL180Gainsborough0.3%IGAS0PL179 Area 1Gainsborough0.3%EUROPA OIL & GAS (WEST FIRSBY) LTD0DL003Gainsborough0.6%ALTAQUEST0DL005 Area 2Gainsborough0.7%IGAS0AL009Gainsborough0.8%CIRQUE0EXL294 Area 1 Eastern PartGainsborough0.9%COURAGE0EXL294 Area 1 Western PartGainsborough0.9%COURAGE9PEDL090 Area 2Gainsborough1.3%IGAS0ML004 Area 2Gainsborough1.8%SCOTTISH0PL162 Area 2Gainsborough2.9%IGAS0ML004 Area 3Gainsborough5.0%BLACKLAND PARK13PEDL209Gainsborough5.8%EGDON13PEDL241Gainsborough5.9%EGDON13PEDL253Gainsborough6.6%DART13PEDL210Gainsborough7.7%IGAS9PEDL006 Area 2Gainsborough8.5%IGAS0PL179 Area 2Gainsborough8.7%EUROPA13PEDL181Garston and Halewood31.8%IGAS10PEDL116Garston and Halewood52.5%ALKANE13PEDL191Gedling2.0%ALKANE/NEWTON13PEDL254Gedling11.8%LOW13PEDL199Gedling64.5%ALKANE/NEWTON13PEDL255Glasgow North East0.2%REACH13PEDL162Glenrothes3.4%DART13PEDL161Glenrothes36.8%DART13PEDL163Gower1.3%ADAMO13PEDL212Gower4.5%UK METHANE13PEDL214Gower24.7%DART13PEDL211Grantham and Stamford5.0%NEWTON13PEDL208Great Grimsby100.0%EUROPA13PEDL181Guildford1.3%EUROPA12PEDL143Guildford2.4%CELTIQUE13PEDL243Guildford3.4%IGAS0DL004Guildford25.2%CELTIQUE13PEDL234
Onshore licences located within parliamentary constituencies, by constituency, as at August 2013Constituency% of constituency covered by licence blockLicence OperatorRound awarded underLicence ASHaltemprice and Howden12.3%DART13PEDL179Haltemprice and Howden18.4%DART13PEDL176Haltemprice and Howden32.9%RATHLIN13PEDL183Halton0.2%IGAS10PEDL116Halton0.8%IGAS13PEDL190Halton3.6%IGAS12PEDL145 Area 3Halton22.8%IGAS12PEDL145 Area 1Halton24.0%BIOGAS0EXL276Halton34.8%ALKANE13PEDL191Havant0.4%IGAS0PL211Havant12.8%NORTHERN0PEDL256Havant29.0%NORTHERN12PEDL155Hemsworth0.0%ALKANE9PEDL037 MoncktonHemsworth0.5%ALKANE9PEDL011Hemsworth0.7%ALKANE9PEDL037 Allerton BywaterHemsworth0.7%ALKANE9PEDL037 NostellHemsworth0.7%ALKANE9PEDL037 FeatherstoneHemsworth0.7%ALKANE9PEDL037 South Kirby


243Isle of Wight1.8%NORTHERN13PEDL240Isle of Wight43.1%NWE13PEDL239Kingston and Surbiton27.0%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Kingston upon Hull East88.5%RATHLIN13PEDL183Kingston upon Hull North100.0%RATHLIN13PEDL183Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle78.5%RATHLIN13PEDL183Kingswood9.6%UK METHANE13PEDL228Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath56.9%DART13PEDL163Knowsley1.8%ALKANE13PEDL191Knowsley3.5%IGAS10PEDL116Lancaster and Fleetwood23.1%BOWLAND13PEDL165Leigh1.1%ALKANE9PEDL039 West LeighLeigh1.3%ALKANE0EXL253 GolborneLeigh1.5%ALKANE9PEDL039 ParsonageLeigh1.5%ALKANE9PEDL039 BickershawLeigh1.6%DART0EXL273Leigh53.4%IGAS13PEDL193Lewes2.2%CUADRILLA13PEDL247Lewes4.7%CUADRILLA13PEDL244Lewisham West and Penge23.0%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Lichfield27.7%IGAS10PEDL115Lincoln1.9%COURAGE0EXL294 Area 1 Western PartLincoln2.3%IGAS0PL179 Area 2Lincoln6.2%IGAS0PL199 Area 1Lincoln6.4%EUROPA12PEDL150 Area 1Lincoln46.0%DART13PEDL210Linlithgow and East Falkirk10.1%DART9PEDL133Linlithgow and East Falkirk18.9%REACH13PEDL162Liverpool, Wavertree16.9%ALKANE13PEDL191Llanelli1.4%DART13PEDL211Loughborough1.4%IGAS0PL220 Area 2Loughborough17.3%EGDON13PEDL201Louth and Horncastle0.7%EUROPA13PEDL181Louth and Horncastle0.8%EGDON9PEDL005 Keddington GasLouth and Horncastle0.9%EGDON9PEDL005 North SomercotesLouth and Horncastle2.1%WINGAS9PEDL005 Saltfleetby GasLouth and Horncastle8.5%EGDON13PEDL253Macclesfield31.4%CELTIQUE13PEDL197Maidenhead7.1%FAIRFAX13PEDL236Makerfield0.5%ALKANE9PEDL039 West LeighMakerfield0.5%IGAS13PEDL193Mansfield0.8%ALKANE9PEDL001 Kings MillMansfield0.8%ALKANE9PEDL001 WelbeckMansfield1.3%ALKANE9PEDL001 SherwoodMansfield1.3%ALKANE9PEDL001 WarsopMansfield1.3%ALKANE9PEDL001 Mansfield
Onshore licences located within parliamentary constituencies, by constituency, as at August 2013Constituency% of constituency covered by licence blockLicence OperatorRound awarded underLicence ASMeon Valley0.9%NORTHERN12PEDL155Meon Valley4.8%IGAS9PEDL070Meon Valley5.9%IGAS0PL211Meon Valley6.1%NORTHERN0PEDL256Meon Valley9.8%NORTHERN11PEDL126Mid Derbyshire3.2%LOW13PEDL199Mid Dorset and North Poole5.7%EGDON0PL090Mid Dorset and North Poole25.9%NWE13PEDL238Mid Dorset and North Poole54.4%PERENCO0PL089Mid Sussex0.4%CELTIQUE13PEDL243Mid Sussex26.3%CUADRILLA13PEDL247Mid Sussex45.1%CUADRILLA13PEDL244Middlesbrough0.6%EGDON9PEDL068 KirkleathamMiddlesbrough South and East Cleveland0.0%EGDON9PEDL068 KirkleathamMitcham and Morden88.5%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Mole Valley1.9%IGAS0DL004Mole Valley2.4%KEY9PL235Mole Valley8.8%CELTIQUE13PEDL243Mole Valley11.8%MAGELLAN12PEDL137Mole Valley24.2%EUROPA12PEDL143Monmouth0.8%SONOREX13PEDL224Morley and Outwood1.2%ALKANE9PEDL037 NewmarketMotherwell and Wishaw0.1%REACH13PEDL162Neath2.7%DART13PEDL211Neath6.3%UK METHANE0PEDL149Neath14.2%UK METHANE13PEDL215Neath33.2%ADAMO13PEDL212Neath33.4%UK METHANE0PEDL148New Forest West0.1%NWE13PEDL239New Forest West5.8%NWE13PEDL238Newark0.0%BLACKLAND PARK0PL199 Area 2Newark0.0%BLACKLAND PARK0PL215 Area 2Newark0.1%COURAGE0EXL141 Area 3Newark0.2%EGDON11PEDL130Newark0.3%EGDON10PEDL118Newark0.4%COURAGE0EXL141 Area 1Newark0.5%EGDON13PEDL203Newark0.6%ALKANE/NEWTON13PEDL254Newark0.9%IGAS0ML006Newark1.1%IGAS9PEDL006 Area 1Newark1.2%ONSHORE0PL215 Area 1Newark1.2%ALTAQUEST0DL005 Area 2Newark1.7%IGAS0ML007Newark1.9%NEWTON13PEDL208Newark2.9%ALKANE13PEDL202Newark3.3%COURAGE9PEDL090 Area 1Newark3.6%DART13PEDL207Newark3.7%IGAS0ML003Newark4.1%NEWTON13PEDL204Newark4.3%COURAGE9PEDL090 Area 2Newark5.6%ALKANE/NEWTON13PEDL255Newark7.6%EUROPA12PEDL150 Area 1Newark14.3%EGDON13PEDL206Newcastle-under-Lyme2.7%ALKANE9PEDL057Newcastle-under-Lyme7.6%IGAS9PEDL056 RestNewcastle-under-Lyme8.7%ALKANE9PEDL040 SiverdaleNewcastle-under-Lyme11.6%IGAS9PEDL040 RestNewcastle-under-Lyme33.0%ALKANE9PEDL056 SilverdaleNewport East17.5%SONOREX12PEDL157Newport East43.8%SONOREX13PEDL224Newport West6.6%SONOREX12PEDL157Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford1.2%ALKANE9PEDL037 WheldaleNormanton, Pontefract and Castleford1.2%ALKANE9PEDL037 Prince of WalesNorth Dorset0.3%NWE13PEDL238North Dorset3.0%PERENCO0PL089
Onshore licences located within parliamentary constituencies, by constituency, as at August 2013Constituency% of constituency covered by licence blockLicence OperatorRound awarded underLicence ASNorth East Derbyshire0.0%C.E.0C.E.North East Derbyshire0.0%ALKANE0PL213North East Fife11.8%DART13PEDL161North East Hampshire19.5%HUMBLY GROVE GAS STORAGE0PL116North East Somerset17.6%UK METHANE13PEDL227North East Somerset22.4%UK METHANE13PEDL226North East Somerset27.6%UK METHANE13PEDL228North Shropshire0.3%DART13PEDL186North Shropshire1.1%IGAS9PEDL040 RestNorth Shropshire1.5%IGAS9PEDL078 Area 1North Shropshire9.8%DART13PEDL185North Somerset22.8%UK METHANE13PEDL226North West Hampshire6.6%IGAS9PEDL021Nottingham East3.7%ALKANE/NEWTON13PEDL255Nottingham East8.1%ALKANE/NEWTON13PEDL254Nottingham North40.7%LOW13PEDL199Nottingham South0.2%LOW13PEDL199Ochil and South Perthshire4.0%DART13PEDL163Ochil and South Perthshire5.3%DART9PEDL133Ogmore0.0%COASTAL13PEDL217Ogmore0.4%COASTAL13PEDL219Ogmore0.5%UK GAS9PEDL014 WyndhamOgmore0.5%UK GAS9PEDL014 PontycymerOgmore7.7%COASTAL13PEDL220Ogmore13.5%ADAMO13PEDL218Ogmore14.8%UK METHANE0PEDL149Ogmore62.5%ADAMO9PEDL100Old Bexley and Sidcup0.1%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Orpington79.6%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Penrith and The Border5.8%DART12PEDL159Pontypridd0.1%ADAMO13PEDL218Pontypridd1.4%COASTAL13PEDL219Pontypridd3.0%ADAMO9PEDL100Pontypridd61.7%COASTAL13PEDL220Poole8.5%PERENCO0PL089Poole23.5%PERENCO0PL259Poole65.1%NWE13PEDL238Portsmouth North18.5%NORTHERN0PEDL256Preston100.0%BOWLAND13PEDL165Redcar38.4%EGDON9PEDL068 KirkleathamReigate0.1%IGAS0ML021Reigate0.3%MAGELLAN13PEDL246Reigate3.7%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Reigate31.7%MAGELLAN12PEDL137Rhondda1.0%COASTAL13PEDL220Rhondda2.0%UK GAS9PEDL014 CwmparcRhondda59.9%ADAMO13PEDL218Ribble Valley7.5%BOWLAND13PEDL165Richmond (Yorks)0.1%EGDON9PEDL068 WesterdaleRichmond Park5.6%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Romsey and Southampton North2.5%IGAS0DL002Romsey and Southampton North2.6%IGAS9PEDL021Romsey and Southampton North3.4%IGAS0PL233Rother Valley7.2%ALKANE9PEDL043Rother Valley18.6%DART13PEDL200Runnymede and Weybridge7.9%FAIRFAX13PEDL236Rushcliffe2.3%IGAS0PL220 Area 2Rushcliffe4.7%ALKANE/NEWTON13PEDL255Rushcliffe9.6%NEWTON13PEDL204Rushcliffe15.0%EGDON13PEDL201Rushcliffe30.3%ALKANE/NEWTON13PEDL254Rutland and Melton0.4%IGAS0PL220 Area 1Rutland and Melton2.7%EGDON13PEDL201Rutland and Melton3.7%NEWTON13PEDL204Rutland and Melton3.9%NEWTON13PEDL208Salford and Eccles19.7%IGAS13PEDL193
Onshore licences located within parliamentary constituencies, by constituency, as at August 2013Constituency% of constituency covered by licence blockLicence OperatorRound awarded underLicence ASScarborough and Whitby3.7%VIKING0PL077Scarborough and Whitby4.9%MOORLAND10PEDL120Scarborough and Whitby5.2%EGDON9PEDL068 WesterdaleScunthorpe0.4%DART0PL162 Area 1Scunthorpe1.6%EGDON13PEDL182Scunthorpe3.3%EUROPA0DL001Scunthorpe3.8%SCOTTISH0PL162 Area 2Scunthorpe5.9%DART13PEDL178Scunthorpe11.5%EGDON13PEDL241Scunthorpe16.0%DART13PEDL173Scunthorpe41.9%EUROPA13PEDL180Sefton Central1.2%BOWLAND13PEDL165Sefton Central52.1%EDP13PEDL164Selby and Ainsty0.1%DART13PEDL176Selby and Ainsty0.1%HARWORTH0EXL250 StillingfleetSelby and Ainsty0.2%DART0EXL288 Area 1 FenwickSelby and Ainsty1.1%DART0EXL288 Area 1 RestSelby and Ainsty8.1%DART12PEDL146Sevenoaks1.1%MIDMAR13PEDL248Sevenoaks2.3%CUADRILLA13PEDL247Sevenoaks6.9%IGAS0PL182Sevenoaks41.2%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Sherwood0.0%ONSHORE0PL215 Area 1Sherwood0.2%IGAS0ML006Sherwood0.3%ALKANE9PEDL001 RuffordSherwood0.3%ALKANE9PEDL001 ClipstoneSherwood2.2%EGDON13PEDL203Sherwood2.8%EGDON10PEDL118Sherwood6.9%ALKANE/NEWTON13PEDL255Sherwood9.1%LOW13PEDL199Sherwood14.2%EGDON11PEDL130Sherwood20.9%ALKANE13PEDL202Sleaford and North Hykeham0.0%BLACKLAND PARK0PL215 Area 2Sleaford and North Hykeham0.2%DART13PEDL210Sleaford and North Hykeham0.2%COURAGE0EXL294 Area 1 Western PartSleaford and North Hykeham0.4%BLACKLAND PARK0PL199 Area 2Sleaford and North Hykeham0.4%CIRQUE0EXL294 Area 1 Eastern PartSleaford and North Hykeham4.6%EUROPA12PEDL150 Area 1Sleaford and North Hykeham9.8%NEWTON13PEDL208Slough31.0%FAIRFAX13PEDL236Somerton and Frome3.8%UK METHANE13PEDL227Somerton and Frome9.0%FAIRFAX13PEDL225South Dorset0.1%PERENCO0PL259South Dorset4.0%PERENCO0ML005South Dorset6.7%EGDON13PEDL237South Dorset37.7%EGDON0PL090South Dorset44.8%PERENCO0PL089South Ribble96.6%BOWLAND13PEDL165South Staffordshire0.8%DART13PEDL195South Thanet20.9%COASTAL13PEDL252South Thanet29.4%COASTAL13PEDL250South West Surrey0.0%IGAS0DL004South West Surrey6.3%CELTIQUE13PEDL234South West Surrey11.9%CELTIQUE13PEDL231South West Surrey30.4%IGAS13PEDL235Southport84.9%BOWLAND13PEDL165St Helens North0.0%ALKANE0EXL253 Hermitage GreenSt Helens North1.0%ALKANE0EXL253 ParksideSt Helens North1.6%IGAS13PEDL193St Helens North13.6%DART0EXL273St Helens South and Whiston3.3%IGAS12PEDL145 Area 2St Helens South and Whiston7.7%BIOGAS0EXL276St Helens South and Whiston9.9%ALKANE13PEDL191St Helens South and Whiston27.6%DART0EXL273
Onshore licences located within parliamentary constituencies, by constituency, as at August 2013Constituency% of constituency covered by licence blockLicence OperatorRound awarded underLicence ASStafford0.0%DART13PEDL198Stafford0.1%DART13PEDL196Stafford2.5%IGAS9PEDL078 Area 2Stafford17.5%DART13PEDL195Stafford41.5%IGAS10PEDL115Staffordshire Moorlands0.6%DART0AL010Staffordshire Moorlands0.6%CELTIQUE13PEDL197Staffordshire Moorlands18.8%SEVEN SEA12PEDL141Stirling2.8%DART9PEDL133Stockton North3.9%EGDON9PEDL068 KirkleathamStoke-on-Trent Central1.2%DART0AL010Stoke-on-Trent Central5.0%SEVEN SEA12PEDL141Stoke-on-Trent Central16.4%ALKANE9PEDL057Stoke-on-Trent North5.2%SEVEN SEA12PEDL141Stoke-on-Trent South41.2%ALKANE9PEDL057Stoke-on-Trent South55.3%DART0AL010Stone0.7%ALKANE9PEDL057Stone0.8%ALKANE9PEDL056 SilverdaleStone1.6%ALKANE9PEDL040 SiverdaleStone1.7%IGAS9PEDL078 Area 2Stone1.9%IGAS9PEDL056 RestStone4.1%IGAS9PEDL040 RestStone7.5%DART13PEDL195Stone8.6%DART0AL010Stone11.3%DART13PEDL198Stone12.0%DART13PEDL196Stone12.8%IGAS10PEDL115Stone13.9%IGAS9PEDL078 Area 1Streatham3.2%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Stretford and Urmston85.5%IGAS13PEDL193Sutton and Cheam100.0%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Swansea East2.5%ADAMO13PEDL212Swansea East7.0%DART13PEDL211Swansea East10.2%UK METHANE13PEDL215Swansea East79.8%UK METHANE13PEDL214Swansea West86.1%UK METHANE13PEDL214Tamworth4.9%IGAS10PEDL115Tatton0.0%IGAS12PEDL145 Area 1Tatton9.5%IGAS13PEDL193Tatton11.7%CELTIQUE13PEDL197Telford8.6%IGAS9PEDL078 Area 2The Wrekin22.5%IGAS9PEDL078 Area 2Thirsk and Malton0.2%VIKING0DL005Thirsk and Malton0.4%EGDON9PEDL068 WesterdaleThirsk and Malton0.8%VIKING0PL080 Area 2Thirsk and Malton0.9%VIKING0PL077Thirsk and Malton0.9%VIKING0AL006Thirsk and Malton1.7%VIKING13PEDL177Thirsk and Malton3.8%VIKING0PL080 Area 1Thirsk and Malton4.3%VIKING0PL079Thirsk and Malton4.7%VIKING0PL081Thirsk and Malton5.4%DART12PEDL146Thirsk and Malton9.2%MOORLAND10PEDL120Tonbridge and Malling0.0%CUADRILLA0EXL189 LingfieldTonbridge and Malling0.9%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Tonbridge and Malling9.8%CUADRILLA13PEDL247Tonbridge and Malling11.1%CUADRILLA0EXL189 CowdenTonbridge and Malling22.9%MIDMAR13PEDL248Tunbridge Wells8.1%CUADRILLA13PEDL247Tunbridge Wells11.3%MIDMAR13PEDL248Vale of Glamorgan0.0%COASTAL13PEDL220Vale of Glamorgan0.5%ADAMO9PEDL100Vale of Glamorgan4.6%COASTAL13PEDL216Vale of Glamorgan28.0%COASTAL13PEDL217Vale of Glamorgan29.8%COASTAL13PEDL219Wallasey8.8%IGAS13PEDL184
Onshore licences located within parliamentary constituencies, by constituency, as at August 2013Constituency% of constituency covered by licence blockLicence OperatorRound awarded underLicence ASWarrington North0.1%IGAS12PEDL145 Area 2Warrington North0.2%ALKANE0EXL253 ParksideWarrington North1.0%ALKANE0EXL253 Hermitage GreenWarrington North17.8%DART0EXL273Warrington North78.7%IGAS13PEDL193Warrington South1.3%BIOGAS0EXL276Warrington South1.7%DART0EXL273Warrington South12.4%IGAS12PEDL145 Area 1Warrington South20.8%IGAS12PEDL145 Area 2Warrington South57.6%IGAS13PEDL193Wealden0.1%MIDMAR13PEDL248Wealden0.6%CUADRILLA13PEDL244Wealden60.2%CUADRILLA13PEDL247Weaver Vale0.2%IGAS13PEDL193Weaver Vale0.5%ALKANE13PEDL191Weaver Vale10.7%IGAS13PEDL190Weaver Vale15.0%IGAS12PEDL145 Area 1Wells9.9%UK METHANE13PEDL227Wells10.3%UK METHANE13PEDL226Wells19.8%FAIRFAX13PEDL225Wentworth and Dearne0.6%ALKANE9PEDL043Wentworth and Dearne1.1%ALKANE9PEDL011Wentworth and Dearne1.1%ALKANE9PEDL011West Dorset4.2%EGDON0PL090West Dorset7.9%EGDON13PEDL237West Lancashire18.1%EDP13PEDL164West Lancashire41.9%BOWLAND13PEDL165Weston-Super-Mare2.6%UK METHANE13PEDL226Wigan18.0%BOWLAND13PEDL165Wimbledon44.9%NORTHDOWN13PEDL245Winchester0.1%IGAS0DL002Winchester4.8%IGAS0PL249Winchester5.1%IGAS9PEDL070Winchester13.7%IGAS0PL233Windsor43.8%FAIRFAX13PEDL236Wirral South43.7%IGAS13PEDL184Wirral West60.5%IGAS13PEDL184Worsley and Eccles South64.2%IGAS13PEDL193Wrexham0.0%DART12PEDL147Wrexham4.7%DART13PEDL185Wrexham9.7%DART13PEDL188Wrexham10.7%DART13PEDL186Wrexham17.9%BIOGAS0EXL203Wrexham57.0%DART13PEDL187Wyre and Preston North1.3%CUADRILLA0EXL269 Area 1Wyre and Preston North98.1%BOWLAND13PEDL165Wythenshawe and Sale East15.2%IGAS13PEDL193York Central55.2%DART12PEDL146York Outer1.2%DART13PEDL176York Outer31.9%DART12PEDL146Sources:Ordnance Survey. Boundary-Line. Department of Energy & Climate Change. Onshore licences.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

WAF public meeting, Friday October 25

WAF Public Meeting on Friday Oct 25, 7.00-9.30pm at Sidney Walter Centre, Sussex Rd, Worthing  BN11 1DS.
Want to know more about the looming Government sponsored industrialisation of the Sussex countryside by thousands of Frack wells?

Come to to our second WAF PUBLIC MEETING to hear speakers and ex-oil industry professionals, including Ian R Crane, inform of the dangers of Unconventional Gas Exploration and Extraction (Hydraulic Frackturing) for shale gas in Sussex. Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for South East England, will be speaking about his recent trip to the frack fields of Pennsylvania. Worthing Borough & County Councillors also to be invited.

WAF is extremely concerned by the threat of Fracking to people's health and by potential pollution of the Sussex environment. WAF is also disturbed by government documents showing a fracking licence has been offered for the Worthing area itself, including our beautiful downland, source of our local water supplies.

Today (Sept 30th 2013) the Environment Agency granted a Radioactive Waste permit to Cuadrilla - meaning they will be allowed to store, transport and dispose of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) as part of their exploration operation at Balcombe. The EA declared that Emergency Services have not been consulted as part of this planning application process. 'NORM' does not include 'depleted uranium' which can be used as a charge to punch through the lateral drill casing, creating perforations for frack fluid to be forced out into surrounding rock strata under intense pressure.

WAF feels this lack of Emergency Service consultation to be irresponsible and negligent of public health & safety.

WAF will be inviting representatives from the Sussex Fire Service to our meeting to discuss this matter further.

Please support our Petition to lobby Worthing Borough Council to oppose Fracking in our Borough and beyond. Petition here:

Video and slide Presentation of latest news and developments, from Balcombe and beyond.

Bar available.

(Donations for running costs welcome at the event).

For more info:


Friday, 20 September 2013

Video warning from America

Fracking has been going on in the USA for some years now. Thanks to the effects of gagging orders, and the pro-industry bias of media on both side of the Atlantic, the public in England haven't heard too much about the problems it has caused.

The internet, however, is full of evidence showing why we cannot allow fracking to ruin our country. Here's one startling video that points at some of the issues the authorities don't want us to know about.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Worthing Against Fracking meeting on September 6

Fracking has hit the national headlines in recent weeks, as concerned citizens protest outside the Cuadrilla test site in Balcombe, West Sussex. With much of the media taking the side of global big business against the people of Sussex and England,Worthing Against Fracking aims to get the FACTS across to the public.

FACT: The scale of the threat to our countryside is deliberately being played down by the fracking industry. Each well produces tiny amounts of energy and so thousands of wells would be needed in Sussex alone to make fracking profitable. With all the 24/7 sites, access roads,  pipelines, tankers and night-time flaring, this would mean an horrific industrialisation of our lovely county.

FACT: Worthing and its downland are at risk from future fracking and are pencilled in on government maps. And  the South Downs National Park offers no protection to our downland - ask the villagers of Fernhurst, West Sussex, which is in the park and is having to fight off fracking plans.

FACT: Fracking is dangerous and risks contaminating water, air and soil by pumping toxic chemicals into the earth. In the USA families affected by fracking have been legally gagged and the government passed a special law  (the “Halliburton loophole”) exempting fracking firms from regulations protecting water supplies. Fracking will also worsen climate change. Meanwhile, each  well needs two million gallons of fresh water. Where’s that coming from?

If you want to get involved in fighting the threat of fracking, or if you want more information about the process,  please come along to our public meeting from 7pm to 9.30pm on Friday September 6 at the Sidney Walter Centre, Sussex Road, Worthing BN11 1DS. Fracking expert Ian R Crane will be there, along with campaigners including Marina Pepper, one of those arrested for peacefully protesting in Balcombe.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

March for a frack-free Sussex!

WAF would love to see as many Worthing folk as possible up on the front line at Balcombe.

Sunday August 18 is a particularly good time to go, as there is a family-friendly march from Balcombe rail station to the fracking site. 

People will be carrying symbols of the sustainable future that they want to create in place of community threatening, climate changing, ecologically damaging fossil fuels.

The march starts at 3pm.  If you catch the 1.42pm train from Worthing, then change just the once at  Haywards Heath, you will arrive at Balcombe in plenty of time - at 2.30pm, with half an hour to spare. It's just a 48-minute train ride, so no excuses!

At the same time, the No Dash for Gas Reclaim the Power event will be underway, so there will be plenty to see and do up at Balcombe. 

A real surge of public outrage at the threat of fracking is now building up, despite all the attempts by the oil and gas industry and its friends in the government to pull the wool over our eyes.

This week, the Argus in Brighton revealed that the risk that drinking water in Sussex could be contaminated by fracking chemicals was known by the Government more than a year ago.

Previously secret documents show that ministers were privately briefed by the Environment Agency (EA) that fracking near aquifers – underground rocks which contain water – should not be permitted.

But the EA’s head of climate change later changed the wording on a public statement related to the issue so as not to create “too stark a message” about shale gas drilling.
Fracking threatens our health, our communities, our environment, our climate and our future.
Working together in our communities we can defeat Cuadrilla and build a better future.

We wunt be fooled and we wunt be druv! 

* STOP PRESS * Worthing Against Fracking has organised a public meeting, with speakers, for Friday September 6. It's at the Sidney Walter, Centre, Sussex Road, Worthing BN11 1DS from 7pm to 9.30pm. More details later.   

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Join our new campaign!

Worthing Against Fracking is a new campaign group formed at a packed open meeting at the Sidney Walter Centre in Sussex Road on the evening of Thursday August 1.

WAF is extremely concerned at the threat of fracking (hydraulic fracturing) to the health and environment of Sussex. It is also disturbed by government documents showing a fracking licence has been offered for the Worthing area itself, including our beautiful downland, source of our local water supplies.

The threat to the Worthing area is confirmed by an interactive map from Friends of the Earth, showing areas designated for fracking,

Our aims at the moment are twofold:

1. To encourage people to oppose the current attempt by Cuadrilla to start fracking in Balcombe, West Sussex. We urge Worthing people to travel up to Balcombe (an easy train journey) and also to voice their support for the protesters there through all possible channels. Balcombe is the front line of the fight against the fracking threat. If the industry can be stopped there, there is hope for the rest of the countryside.

2. To spread information about fracking in the Worthing area. The reality of the process and its implications are not well known. As the websites linked below will show, fracking threatens to poison our water supplies, pollute our air and soil, destroy wildlife, create light pollution at night and generally steal from us everything we love most about Sussex. It’s not the odd well here and there we’re talking about, but 6,000 or more across the county, and with them all the new access roads, tankers, pipelines and other infrastructure which would result in the permanent industrialisation of our landscape.

WAF welcomes all new supporters! Come and get involved! You can contact us via WAF(at) or find us on Facebook. We will provide updates here of our activities.


Frack Off article on Sussex

Frack Free Balcombe

No Dash for Gas – action camp at Balcombe

Sussex Wildlife Trust on fracking

Bianca Jagger says "Stop this fracking nightmare in Balcombe"

Superb 18-minute video exposing fracking dangers and lies

Brilliant video rant on fracking by “Artist Taxi Driver”

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Fracktured Future video with Ian R Crane

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