Friday, 23 August 2013

Worthing Against Fracking meeting on September 6

Fracking has hit the national headlines in recent weeks, as concerned citizens protest outside the Cuadrilla test site in Balcombe, West Sussex. With much of the media taking the side of global big business against the people of Sussex and England,Worthing Against Fracking aims to get the FACTS across to the public.

FACT: The scale of the threat to our countryside is deliberately being played down by the fracking industry. Each well produces tiny amounts of energy and so thousands of wells would be needed in Sussex alone to make fracking profitable. With all the 24/7 sites, access roads,  pipelines, tankers and night-time flaring, this would mean an horrific industrialisation of our lovely county.

FACT: Worthing and its downland are at risk from future fracking and are pencilled in on government maps. And  the South Downs National Park offers no protection to our downland - ask the villagers of Fernhurst, West Sussex, which is in the park and is having to fight off fracking plans.

FACT: Fracking is dangerous and risks contaminating water, air and soil by pumping toxic chemicals into the earth. In the USA families affected by fracking have been legally gagged and the government passed a special law  (the “Halliburton loophole”) exempting fracking firms from regulations protecting water supplies. Fracking will also worsen climate change. Meanwhile, each  well needs two million gallons of fresh water. Where’s that coming from?

If you want to get involved in fighting the threat of fracking, or if you want more information about the process,  please come along to our public meeting from 7pm to 9.30pm on Friday September 6 at the Sidney Walter Centre, Sussex Road, Worthing BN11 1DS. Fracking expert Ian R Crane will be there, along with campaigners including Marina Pepper, one of those arrested for peacefully protesting in Balcombe.

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